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Evening beach walk-etching

A very short biography
I have always been involved with art from early days at school, I sat all my art exams at the age of sixteen, including 'A' level, two years earlier than normal. I then attended West Sussex Art School where I studied photography and then went to the London College of Printing to study Photolithography, from there I then worked extensively in the graphic reproduction industry. I have always been intrigued by the production on an 'image', whether drawn, photographic, planographic or intaglio. The intaglio printing process is my favourite of the three, because it is very 'hands on', the handling of the metal, grounds and the production of inks from dry pigments and oils, and finally the feel of hand made paper, all give me a tremendous sense of 'connection' with the process. Also I like the fact that the production of the etched plate is almost the beginning of the process, the image can be altered infinitely, by changing the wiping pressure of the plate and choice of inks and paper and even the pressure of the press.
My subject matter is varied, and techniques used depend on the effect I am trying to portray, I am always trying new methods and ways of illustrating my surroundings and experiences, I find it difficult to understand artists who seem to alight on one subject and way of dealing with it and continue to just turn out the same picture and style time after time, some might say my work is eclectic, I would probably agree....any way do enjoy my work.
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